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Not conventional Startup. Human interaction inspires our startup, that's the key!
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Luciano Mariani

TLC Engineer, and determinated maker. He dedicated his research Thesis to his grandmother and Nikola Tesla. Last but not least, former Serie A American football player!
CEO & Founder

Michele Prioretti

His CV states he is honorable, professional and nerd too. He knows "the importance of being Ernest" in finance. He likes hard rock music and is fond of cakes. Nickname is "Misky".
CFO & Founder

Cristian Marletta

Ninja-Software engineer with particular focus on IMPRO. He trying to grow a beard. Joke many time a day with C/C++, Unix and Embedded Audio.
CTO & Founder

Daniele Troli

Business Consulting is his job, proficiency in Excel, business plan, accounting. Addicted to Soccer, decleare his love to "Sambenedettese"!
Accountant & Founder
Our Advisor

Tiffany Norwood

Serial Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Inventor.
Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur

Mauro Piloni

Expert an Innovation and R&D in Consumer Goods.
Fundraiser, Angel

Gabriele Guizzardi

Virtual POS offline and online creator, Parking space and vehicle access control systems expert.
Hw & Sw Dev

Paolo Montevecchi

User Research, Testing and Prototyping.
UX Lead, Mentor